Is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL/DYLIB/SO/A)

Provided as an Extension (add-on) to the BASS Audio Library and has a complete set of Real-time DSP functions/effect to start developing your own DJ software 😉

Developed to enable the simple and advanced developers/users to have in their applications sound effects without knowing any DSP at all!

BASS_FX is available for Windows (x86/x64/Store/Phone/CE), MacOSX (universal), Linux (x86/x64/ARM), iOS (universal) and Android platforms.

BASS 2.4 is required, the BASS_FX module will fail to load if it is not present.

© 2002-2018 (: JOBnik! 🙂 Arthur Aminov, ISRAEL!


    • DSP effects:
      • Peaking Equalizer
      • Swap, Remap and Mix channels
      • Compressor
      • Echo
      • Reverb
      • Volume/Gain
      • Dynamic Amplification
      • Auto Wah
      • Phaser
      • Chorus/Flanger
      • Volume rotate between even channels
      • Distortion
      • Pitch-shift
      • BiQuad filters:
        • Low pass
        • High pass
        • Band pass
        • Notch
        • All pass
        • Peaking EQ
        • Low shelf
        • High shelf
    • Tempo / Pitch Scaling / Sample Rate changers
    • Reverse playback
    • BPM detector / Beat Position trigger/detector
    • 8 / 16 / 32-bit support
  • All in Real-Time


There is no charge for using BASS_FX, but if you like BASS_FX or are using BASS_FX in Commercial/Shareware products, then you may wish to make a donation to support its development.

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This software is provided “as is”, without warranty of ANY KIND, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. The author shall NOT be held liable for ANY damage to you, your computer, or to anyone or anything else, that may result from its use, or misuse. Basically, you use it at YOUR OWN RISK.

Usage of BASS_FX indicates that you agree to the above conditions.

You may freely distribute the BASS_FX package as long as NO FEE is charged and all the files remain INTACT AND UNMODIFIED.

All trademarks and other registered names contained in the BASS_FX package are the property of their respective owners.

• BASS_FX uses in Commercial and Free softwares.


Ian Luck – BASS Audio Library Developer –
Olli Parviainen – Tempo/Pitch/Rate/BPM [SoundTouch v2.0.0] –
Robert Bristow-JohnsonD – BiQuad filters Cookbook –
Manu Webber – Peaking Equalizer is based on his C++ source code –
Aleksey Smoli – Auto Wah, Echo (some parts from 1st algorithm), Phaser, Chorus and Distortion – (offline)
Jezar at Dreampoint – Freeverb – (offline)
Stephan M. Bernsee – Pitch shifting using FFT [smbPitchShift v1.2] –


 Software using BASS_FX

Commercial / Shareware Free
Guitar and Drum Trainer
MP3 Stream Edtor
clubDJ pro
Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult Game
Ringtone Expressions
mAirList – Radio Automation Software
Party DJ
Threedef Instant Music: A new kind of music player
Karma Player
Xion Audio Player
Kantaris Media Player
Passion Audio Player
Spider Player
The Film Machine
AIMP free audio-player


 DSP Links

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